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The global finance chief of Starbucks Troy Alstead announced that the company “looks forward” to paying more tax after it was revealed that it had paid just £8.6 million this week despite earnings of £398 million the previous year. A quarter of the chain’s 600 UK cafés are said to be running at a loss, this allegedly due to overly aggressive expansion in the early days of the chain’s arrival in the UK. The UK division of the company has to pay a 6pc royalty charge to the Starbucks regional headquarters in the Netherlands, which is considered very high within the industry as it is more than what most companies charge franchises.

Starbucks’s tax-related issues aside, in September it was reported that coffee has increased in price by a fifth in the last two years following speculators hoarding last year’s harvest and driving it up as a result.

So what can you do if you’re a fancy coffee aficionado but finding yourself a little out of pocket as a result of your habit? Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your caffeine cravings but still save money.

  • Go for something smaller – If you always go for a big old cup of coffee, why not opt for something a little less big? While it might not give you such a high dose of caffeine in one go as a larger size would, it’s certain to save you a not insignificant amount if you’re a regular consumer of coffee.
  • Cut back on the cakes – Although you could argue that you can’t coffee like that made at certain chains anywhere else, their cake, biscuit and other baked good offerings are often somewhat more replaceable. While most coffeehouses will frown on your bringing in food from elsewhere (some will allow it if you purchases a drink, however), you can always buy your snack – and eat it – elsewhere.
  • Get a loyalty card – If you really must continue to maintain your coffee purchasing habits more or less as they are, it may be worth getting a loyalty card if your favourite coffeehouse chain has one. This way you should at least be able to get something back for all the money you spend there.
  • Try somewhere else – Perhaps one of the most obvious options but a sensible one nonetheless. While you might not want to go to a bare basics café, independent coffee houses that aren’t part of big franchises can be a great find. Usually cheaper than the latter and offering their own unique selection of coffees, teas and cakes (often homemade), there’s definitely not harm in trying one out.

For many people, going on holiday is one of life’s little luxuries. If you are lucky then you might go on holiday once every year. For many however a holiday every two to three years or even less frequent is all that can be budgeted for.

A holiday can be very important to relieve stress and recharge your batteries so that when you come back you are ready to get on with the rigours of everyday life. When looking to book a holiday it is obviously very important to get a good deal so that you have more money to potentially use when you are at your destination. Hopefully these money saving tips will help.


Price Comparison

It’s very important to get quotes from a range of sources. Your local travel agent will be very helpful in trying to get you the best price, just be mindful that some of the travel agents are owned by the larger tour operators and may be inclined to push their own products first. Once you have been given a quote do not book there and then, take the quote home and then phone the tour operator direct to see if they have any discounts for direct customers. It is also worthwhile trying to build the holiday itinerary yourself. Get a price direct from the airline and hotel to compare. Many companies these days have price matching policies and will try to match any price you have whether your price is from one of their competitors or if you have tailor-made it yourself. As long as all of the components of the holiday are the same they will be keen to get your business.


Going All Inclusive

If you have children it may be cost effective to go All Inclusive. This way all of your food and drink will be paid for and unlimited ice lollies will obviously please the kids too! All Inclusive hotels tend to cater better for families so there should be plenty of facilities and activities for the kids leaving you to relax by the pool.

Out in Resort

When out in resort make sure you ask the price of things such as taxi rides before you get in. You may end up going the long way round to your destination and being overcharged. Activities and excursions are often cheaper when bought in packages therefore it’s always good practice to plan ahead what you will be doing during your stay.


Advantages of using a Credit Card abroad

So long as you know your limit and have the funds back home to cover the expenditure it may also be beneficial to use your credit card for all purchases whilst you are away. Using your credit card removes the anxiety of carrying around lots of cash or travellers cheques. It will be also covered if the unfortunate happens and you lose your wallet. Your credit card company may also have an awards or points scheme for every time you use the card so you can happily build up reward points safe in the knowledge that you have the funds at home to pay the balance on your return.