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Tube station platform Getting to and from work can be surprisingly expensive, especially if you’re attempting to stretch the pounds. If   you’re having a particularly tight month, you may want to temporarily rethink your transport arrangements, or  perhaps even make more permanent changes in order to save money in the long term. With less money availble from wage increases and ever-increasing transport costs, more people than ever are seeing their monhtly wages eroded by the simple act of getting in to work to earn a living! Even well-off households can pay over four thousands punds a year on an Annual Season Ticket from a commuter-belt area to get into London, as for people with bad credit issues, it’s even more difficult. So what sort of things can you do to try and make sure your saving money on your daily commute to and from work?

  • Car Pool

The cost of owning, insuring and running a car can get pretty high, especially with today’s fuel prices being what they are. In order to attempt to bypass this problem, many people share cars to and from work, pitching in with fuel costs and thus saving money overall. However, care should be taken to use different drivers and cars so that one person doesn’t get stuck as the designated driver all the time.

  • Get a Travel Pass

A bus or rail pass can really help you save money if you use one of these methods of transport to get to work every day. Offering great savings, you can also often get additional discounts if you fall into one of a number of specific categories. Remember to always fill in a query/cliam form if there are delays – a recent survey fund that rail companies were making huge savings by not having to compensate travellers for delayed journeys!

  • Walk

Provided where you work isn’t too far out of the way, you could try walking. Walking is great exercise (although admittedly less fun in bad weather), and is probably one of the cheapest methods of transport available since it’s absolutely free. Additionally, if you can’t bear walking both ways then you can always just try walking one way.

Cycling to work

  • Cycle

While cycling does require you to make an initial investment in the form of a bike, they aren’t that expensive (and certainly not compared to cars or a lifetime of train tickets). Much like walking, bikes are great exercise, and can get you further than you might get on foot without getting worn out. Bikes do require the occasional bit of maintenance, but again this pales in comparison to that of other road-faring vehicles.

  • Sleepover!

Why not sleep over in your office? You may laugh, but a surprising number of workplaces have taken to offering quiet, comfortable areas and even proper beds for their employees to sleep in should they decide to have a particularly late one. Whether it’s a power nap half way through the day or a full night’s kip, napping at work has actually been shown to be rather beneficial (and, of course, by not having to travel anywhere at all you save money).